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Software Downloads


This is the Earl Associates software download page.


In most cases these are fully functional programs - but without a valid software key

they will only run in an evaluation or time limited demonstration mode.


When you have downloaded your software please contact Earl Associates for payment

information and a valid Authorisation Code to fully enable the software.


To start the download Click on your required software from the selection below ...

When the File download box opens select 'Save' and choose a location on your hard disk.


(Please note that some of these downloads are quite large - without ADSL you may require

significant download time.)

MindManager 6 Basic       v6 Basic Version            (Approx Size 32MB)

MindManager 6 Pro          v6 Professional Version  (Approx Size 43MB)

MindManager Viewer       View Mind Maps            (Approx Size 3.8MB)

s    Tutorials                        (Approx Size 17MB)   

PS For Licensing - Don't forget to get your Authorisation Code -

call on +44 (0)1223 290343 or email:


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