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Standard & Ad Hoc Recruitment        [Return to Facilities]

At all levels the first step in any successful recruitment campaign is to establish a clear definition of  both the position and the required candidates. 

Offering a high standard of service we have been recruiting Sales, Marketing and Sales Management personnel for over twenty years and have established enduring relationships with many major companies. We can also provide expertise in recruiting Technical and Administrative personnel.

Whilst primarily designed as an assignment orientated service, candidates introduced on an "Ad hoc" basis are also charged for on our standard recruitment terms.

Executive Recruitment Service           [Return to Facilities]

The Executive Recruitment Service was developed specifically to address the requirement for recruiting for more senior positions. However, where appropriate, the same approach may also be applied to other less senior positions. After a thorough familiarisation with the client company the requirements are defined and in liaison with the client a recruitment strategy is formulated.

The service provides three approaches:-

Executive Search Executive search is generally recommended where there is a readily identifiable target audience. This may include situations where the position is very specialised, particularly orientated at one market, or very senior. Search has the advantage that it can target individuals who are not actively seeking a new position or would not necessarily respond to recruitment advertising.

Executive Selection Executive Selection is based on recruitment advertising and is generally indicated when there is a wide potential target audience and focusing an Executive Search would be impractical. Whilst Selection can retain the client confidentiality by advertising in Earl Associates' name it is often seen as a positive corporate advertising advantage to include the client company's name in the advertisement. 

Search with Selection - Where the market is specialised there may only be a very small target constituency. The hybrid approach allows a specific industry sector to be targeted through search techniques whilst simultaneously using advertising to attract a wider audience of candidates from other markets with transferable essential skills. The result is much stronger list of candidates than could be produced by a campaign based solely on either Search or Selection.  

Ancillary Services         [Return to Facilities]       

Through our associates we are able to provide a variety of related services. Our own experience in sales and marketing has been utilised to provide a full package of Sales & Marketing Consultancy and IT Hardware, Software and Services, whilst our associates are able to provide a full Media / Graphics Design and PR package as well as Sales Training and Business Coaching.


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